Absolut Asset Management manages model and bespoke portfolios for our clients. We utilise unit trusts and exchange traded funds (ETFs) to manage risk profiled portfolios that suit our clients risk budget and needs. We utilise qualitative and quantitative analysis to construct portfolios that offer consistent returns over time that are bench-marked against inflation relative to your selected risk profile. We believe that an inflation plus target return is the most appropriate benchmark as it aligns your investment performance with the objectives of setting and achieving goals in the financial planning process.

Our clients’ portfolios are managed by an investment committee that comprises of a team of investment professionals. The lead portfolio managers are Rafiq Taylor, Michael Westcott and Richard Harris. Absolut Asset Management is registered with the Financial Services Board as a category II license holder reg # FSP 45683.


Consistent long term returns through active management & portfolio optimisation


Links between our clients’ needs, portfolio construction, investment strategy and research



Importantly, we ascertain exactly what your objectives are, in terms of needs, objectives, return and acceptable risk tolerance



Combining complementary managers. Ensuring sources of risk (opportunity) are appropriate and diversified. Ensuring extent of risk (opportunity) is appropriate given expectations



Provides context for managers performance. Identify market inefficiencies which we can exploit via active tactical asset allocation & active risk management



Identify the small subset of managers who are truly skilful



To construct portfolios that consistently deliver inflation beating returns relative to our client’s acceptable risk profile

Even if you are retiring today, you will still have to produce an income for many years in retirement. The global and South African trend in areas of the population that have access to good nutrition and first world medical facilities, is that we are living longer. Inflation is therefore the enemy when planning for retirement or when you need to start drawing an income from your investments. The challenge is to balance risk with return while still outperforming inflation. We have therefore chosen inflation as our most relevant benchmark when it comes to our client’s portfolios.


Selecting skilled fund managers.


Blending complimentary managers together to produce consistent returns relative to your desired risk profile.


Actively managing asset allocation and investment styles to reduce risk and create consistent results.


This is successfully achieved through rigorous research and diversification, which is fundamental to sound investment decisions.